Hasty Fire Products was started in 2023 to provide our flagship product, the Hasty Rescue Strap, to the firefighting community. It took almost 2 years of brainstorming, and trial and error to get the design completed. Meant to be one of your go-to tools in your Rapid Intervention (RIT) arsenal, the Hasty Rescue Strap provides an easy way to package, drag, or hoist a down firefighter quickly! 

     After a tragic LODD in my department, I started thinking of how difficult the waist belt conversion can be under stress. There HAD to be a better way. The Hasty Rescue Strap is what I came up with to honor the legacy of 2 LODD members, while putting a tool on the market to help save fellow firefighters in the future

     For years the standard of rescuing a down firefighter has been the SCBA waist belt conversion. Anyone who has tried this conversion in training or on an incident knows that this task can be difficult at best, often times impossible. Many factors can make the waist belt conversion method difficult including the type and model of SCBA, how the SCBA is worn, the size of the down FF, conditions of the fire and more. The Hasty Rescue Strap will allow you to package the downed firefighter for dragging, lifting, and hoisting vertically through the floor or out of a window, fast and easy. This is achieved by taking the waist belt conversion out of the equation COMPLETELY. 

     Born on a beer coaster! The prototype design was daydreamed while enjoying some local brews with other off duty firefighters! Like many of great ideas, it was quickly sketched on what was available. In this case, the back of the coaster my beer was sitting on!

"A game-changing Rapid Intervention tool"

Train hard, be ready, and make it happen!

*Disclaimer* Please be patient when placing orders. I am a 1 man show running this page out of my home, while also juggling being a full time fireman, and a father. I appreciate the business and will get your orders out ASAP! 


hasty rescue strap beer coaster sketch

Beer coaster idea drawing

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